Daiichi Carseat Easy Carrier


Daiichi Carseat Easy Carrier

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Daiichi Carseat Easy Carrier Invent new safety. It is in every parent's mind to protect my child who is in the car anytime, anywhere.


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Invent new safety. It is in every parent's mind to protect my child who is in the car anytime, anywhere.

After a long study, we developed a perfect portable car seat to meet the safety standards of DIICHI.

A new standard for portable car seats, EasyCarrie. Easy Carry, Every Moment Safe

Both two- and three-point seat belts are available, so we can keep our child safe in the car and in public transportation.

First portable car seat.

Europe/Korea Safety Certification.

It is the only portable car seat that has earned strict and demanding European safety certification.

Side Impact Protection (SIP) side protection system is applied to protect the child's shoulders and waist. "butt protection." ergonomic seat design

Built three-dimensional to prevent hip pain even in prolonged use, the lower end stick-out design prevents lower body slippage during sudden stops.

It also uses a well-ventilated mesh material on the back and buttocks to quickly absorb and dry sweat.

Product name: DIICHI Easy Carry Portable Car Seat

Model name: DA-D1009

Age of use: 9 kg to 18 kg (approximately 12 months to 5 years old)

Size: W350*L320*H560mm

When folded: W350*L170*H410mm

Weight: 3.8 kg

Manufacturing Bureau: Republic of Korea

Manufacturer: DAIICHI

KC Certification: Korea Institute of Construction and Living Environment Testing